Lapidus Bunionectomy
New twist on an old procedure. Advances in technology and technique have made it possible to correct the bunion at its source almost eliminating recurrence. Additionally, the procedure allows for immediate ambulation in a special boot. If you suffer from a painful bunion then make an appointment with Dr. Allison to see if this procedure is right for you.
MicroVas Therapy
MicroVas is designed for the treatment of any condition that can benefit from enhanced healing and repair through the mechanisms of increased blood flow, nutrient supply, waste removal and cellular activity.

Posterior Heel Pain
Retrocalcaneal Exostosis/Haglunds Deformity
Pain around the back of the heel is often associated with the Achilles' tendon and if allowed to progress untreated can lead to serious damage to this tendon. This chronic condition can be treated conservatively and is successful if treated early. Surgical intervention is required if conservative treatment fails. Removal of bone within the tendon and repair of the tendon will often restore proper function.

About Us
Wound Care
Treatment of Foot and Leg Ulcers
We have established a fully functional Wound Care Center through Bluffton Regional Medical Center. Treatment of chronic foot and leg ulcers and limb salvage are the primary mission of the Center. If you are in need of our services then contact your family physician or contact the Hospital Central Scheduling for an appointment.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Clinic

General Podiatric Services
Medical and surgical treatment of other foot and ankle conditions is also available. Neuromas, hammertoes, nerve entrapments (Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, eg.), fractures and ligament and tendon repair. Call today for an appointment today.